Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Ainsdale Woodland Still in Danger!

Photos taken by Pat Regan

Propose destruction of George Drive Woodland By One Vision Housing

It has been brought to my attention last week One Vision Housing were at George drive drilling the ground. There have been some concerns raised that this type of drilling can damage other houses close by but OVH went ahead regardless! There was also 2 men inspecting the woodland and a tree felling service van parked up the road.

One Vision housing WILL be fully aware that they face opposition to the proposed housing developments! This has been reported on numerous media sites including OTS News by my good friend, Southport campaigner and author Pat Regan. Pat has also reported all of this on his personal blogs too.

Please see the links below to Pat Regans blogs concerning proposed housing developments at George drive.

More articles here by Pat Regan on OTS News

I also contacted OVH last week and made a complaint regarding the planned destruction of the woodland. I left my mobile number and email. It doesn't surprise me that I am still awaiting a response. Its a clear indication of not giving a damn in my book! 

Residents of George drive have been fighting hard on this and letters of complaint have been sent off to the council, along with a petition available to sign online.

Here are just a few of the residents and campaigners opposing OVH plans

This woodland is so important to the local community and the local wildlife. There are many different types of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians that call this woodland home. The local children play here and have done for many years. Its also a beautiful piece of green space where locals and the wider community can have a nice walk and enjoy nature! We need more places like this not less. If we don't stand up to this evil and senseless destruction of nature, we wont have any left eventually.  

Photos taken by Pat Regan

There are also bats (protected species) that use this area. There are Bat boxes in the woodland and it is illegal to move them!

cllr Lynne Thompson who is hoped to be the person who will present the petition to the council.

There are things in favour of the locals here but now this needs to be pushed more and people need to start being more proactive. If not then we will loose this beautiful part of nature for good and it will be replaced with bricks and mortar.

The current houses by the woods that are already there may not be capable of tolerating developments and additional ground movement! Will OVH be compensating residents if and when their houses are damaged or worse? Plus this tiny drive cannot stand more gridlock which more houses will deffintely bring! 

People can still help a great deal by signing the petition and spreading the word by sharing this blog! Please stand with us against this crime against nature!

Countryside Awareness founder Scott Williams-Collier

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