Friday, 11 November 2016

Save the woods at George Drive in Ainsdale - Cath Regan explains the situation

Campaigner Cath Regan
Fight to save George Drive Woodland

Local campaigners Cath and Pat Regan have been working hard alongside the residents of George Drive in Ainsdale. They are fighting to save a beautiful bit of woodland which One Vision Housing (OVH) want to rip down. OVH are planing on destroying this area enjoyed by the locals to build more homes that are neither needed or wanted!

Cath Regan did a video recently to explain the situation which I  found very touching! The video pretty much summed up how the local community feel about this area! This woodland is so important to the locals of George Drive and the wildlife that dwells there. We really do need more green spaces and its so refreshing to see people getting together and showing true grit and passion to stand up to these senseless crimes against nature!

Please see Cath's video talking about the Precious George Drive Woodland
Video Filmed by Pat Regan

Its a sad fact that the British countryside is slowly starting to disappear. With the government giving the green light for more land development this can only be bad for nature! We cannot continue to consider our precious countryside and green spaces as a limitless resource for land developments. If we don't take a stand against these greedy land developers we wont have any green spaces left eventually!

These urban eco systems are so important for local communities. They provide a respite for locals, the wider community and a chance to relax and enjoy nature. The children of George Drive play in this area too and have done for generations. OVH have no right taking this away and replacing it with unwanted homes that will create more gridlock in the area.

A plethora of animals call this woodland home including a variety of birds, small mammals, amphibians and insects. There are also bats (a legally protected species) that use the woodland. There are bat boxes in the wood too and it is illegal to move them!

We ALL need to understand we are a part of the physical world and nature collectively. Destroying nature will have serious ramifications in the future for all humans if we don't stand up to this senseless destruction of our precious green spaces and countryside! Do we seriously think its OK to rip trees down and replace them with bricks and mortar? Trees are the lungs of our communities without them and plants we would cease to be. Leaving them at the mercy of the bulldozer is lunacy!

More Information here:

More articles here by Pat Regan on OTS News

Please stand with us and the residents of George Drive and help to make a difference! simply signing the petition and sharing this blog and Cath's you tube video is a great help and will drum up more support for our cause. Say NO to the bulldozer and the greedy land developers that drive them!

Please click on the link below to sign the petition

Countryside Awareness Founder Scott Williams-Collier

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