Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Amphibious vehicles are a danger to wildlife

High speed amphibious vehicles: a threat to British wildlife and the traditional tranquillity of our lovely waterways 

Serious concerns for the safety of wildlife and the natural waterside environment have recently been highlighted after a video of a high-speed amphibious vehicle was shared on Facebook. 

Countryside Awareness expresses deep reservations concerning the suitability of these vehicles on our inland waters

The vehicle in the video was is a powerful jet ski/motorbike manufactured by a company called Gibbs Amphibians. In the clip the gentlemen riding the vehicle enters the water and drives it at high speeds through a winding waterway. It instantly resonated with us at Countryside Awareness the potential danger this will present to our precious wildlife by the water.

There is a diverse plethora of animals that call our inland waterways home. Mammals, amphibians and birds alike would all be in danger of being injured or killed by these vehicles. A bird with young crossing a canal or river wouldn’t stand a chance if someone came tearing around a bend on one of these amphibian vehicles.

We have endangered animals in our countryside that are protected. Water voles, the British adder/viper Great Crested Newt to mention a few are all protected and would be greatly affected by this type of high-speed and totally inappropriate transportation on our canals, rivers and lakes.

If this kind of vehicle started to become common place it wouldn’t just affect the wildlife. There are many people that find green therapy in our wild areas via going for nice walk down a river, enjoying nature and some peace and quiet. Would we really want that ruined by someone motoring up and down our water networks disturbing our peace?

Major disruption would be caused for the angling community too. Fishermen and angling clubs already have to deal with irresponsible people canoeing and boating in areas they shouldn’t be in. 

There has been a steady increase in complaints from anglers regarding canoe trespassing. Having these amphibian machines on the water will no doubt cause more issues for the fishing community and an increase in complaints. Increased pollution is also a concern to many. 

Anglers launch legal challenge against canoeing National Governing Bodies

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal said: “We are taking action to stop the canoeing governing bodies publishing inaccurate information and to protect the rights of our member angling clubs and riparian owners.  This may now include court proceedings. Our members have often tried to make agreements with canoeing clubs for greater access, with reasonable conditions to protect the water environment and avoid interference with fishing.  However, these offers are repeatedly rejected, because the canoeing governing bodies insist that such agreements must allow unlimited access, or that permission is not needed.”

He added: “We hope that this legal action, if it proves necessary, will settle beyond any doubt the issue of rights to navigate on rivers.  We need the canoeing governing bodies to recognise that the law is clear and that permission is required.  If this occurs, then we will be happy to work closely with them and our members to develop access agreements which make it possible for more people to go canoeing more often, without breaking the law or unreasonably interfering with angling.”


Unfortunately, some place hedonistic fun above our precious eco-system! We really do need to take care of our wild areas and appreciate their beauty and the green therapy they offer!  Bringing this type of transport onto our inland waters would cause distress and damage to our wildlife and disrupt our peace!

Countryside Awareness Founder Scott Williams-Collier

Countryside Awareness 

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