Thursday, 24 November 2016

Who's Killing Swans at Pennington Flash?

Mute swan and her young at Pennington Flash. 

Beginning of the week it was reported that a swan has been found dead and blooded at Pennington Flash Nature Reserve. It is not clear what caused the birds death at the moment but the swan looks like it has been hit around the head or shot with an air rifle. This is the second swan in a week to be found dead at the nature reserve.

A member of a Facebook group (Leigh Wildlife and Nature) alerted everyone to this tragedy on Monday 21st November. The member posted a photo of a dead swan with blood around its eye and confirmed this was the second swan in as many days he had found at Pennington Flash.

Leigh Wildlife and Nature:

Photo of the Swan here:

Pennington Flash is a beautiful place and is home to a variety of wildlife. An extensive nature reserve with several bird hides and a network of tracks and footpaths, where people can come to enjoy the wildlife that dwells there. The reserve is nationally renowned for its birdlife and people travel from all over the country to bird watch.

It is absolutely sickening to think that we possibly have someone going around the reserve killing swans (a protected species). Hunting at Pennington Flash is strictly prohibited and all the animals there are protected!

Hopefully this is just an isolated incident. We can't overlook the fact that it could possibly be the result of a fox attack. However there was an incident in the summer where ducks had been shot and killed at Firs Park not far from Pennington Flash. Is this the same person or just an act of nature?

If this is related to human interference it is sickening. How anyone can kill such a majestic creature that can live up to 20 years in age for a cheap laugh beggars belief. If this is the result of humans it is a travesty and crime against nature and the culprit/culprits need to be stopped and brought to justice.

Mute Swan at Pennington Flash

Mute Swan taken at Pennington Flash

It is so vitally important that we do all we can to protect all the wildlife in our green spaces.

The graceful birds belong to the Crown under an ancient charter and are also protected by the Wildlife And Countryside Act. Swans are the property of The Queen and anyone who harms one may be prosecuted for criminal damage. Killing or injuring a swan carries a £5,000 fine or six months in jail.

I would request that all visitors to the nature reserve and park should be vigilant. Please record and take photos of any suspicious behaviour and report it to the police immediately. We cannot tolerate this type of mindless violence to our precious birdlife at Pennington Flash.

Contact Greater Manchester Police on the link below: 
In an non-emergency: dial 101
Use this number to report a non-emergency incident or make a general enquiry. 

Alternatively you can report any useful information on this subject to us at Countryside Awareness by sending a private message on the link below.

Countryside Awareness Founder Scott Williams-Collier

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